Hi, I’m David, married to Michelle with 3 sons – Jordan (22), Daniel (21) and Michael (18).

My father was alcohol dependent and I became messed up as a result of my home situation. I was both the good lad (altar boy, studious, mannerly…) and the bad (stealing, arson, bullying…) I learned to adapt to situations and wore many masks but didn’t know really who I was.

Life became unmanageable through my mid-teens as a result of several traumatic episodes and I became increasingly reclusive and depressed. I was invited to a small lively church and went out of curiosity but was completely blown away by an encounter with God’s tangible love. I asked Him into my life but couldn’t get along with His people so went a bit wayward and crazy for several years before running out of steam and surrendering fully to Him.

I’ve had quite a few different jobs – working in a bar, a prison, as a financial adviser, manager for a debt charity etc. Now I’m a full time musician and inspirational speaker conducting events throughout the UK for groups of all sizes – both faith groups and non-faith groups.

David Kelly story

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